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@[1291659754:2048:Rory Miller] on my brother @[749872901:2048:Terry Trahan]:

Terry’s a scoundrel. He’s quick, skilled, experienced, alert and plays for keeps. Definitely the most dangerous scrawny, bald, toothless guy I know.

Trying not to get sappy here. There are friends that are fun to hang out with. Have some whisky, tell some stories. And there are friends you can call in the middle of the night when you think you might have fucked up big time. Friends who can give you advice or the slap you to get your head screwed on straight. Terry’s that kind of friend. Yeah, he’s skilled and experienced and insightful. That’s important. More important is that he’s the kind of friend who can sit in the dark in silence.

When you’re looking for an instructor, consider Terry Trahan. His physical skills are top-notch and based on silat movement. High-level silat relies more on movement than strength, and that’s a big advantage for little people. And the silat adapts seamlessly to weapon work. He’s also experienced. He has a good handle on what fails in the real world. And why. He’s insightful- his ability to watch and read people is amazing and he’s bet his life on that skill. Much of his perspective came from the criminal side of life, a rarity in the self-defense world but also a necessity. And he can teach. He has the depth of understanding to pass on effective skills quickly.

Want a challenge? Cross hands with Terry. He’s deceptive, sneaky and understands the fundamentals well enough to compensate for strength, size, youth and speed. Want another challenge? Pat Terry down for weapons and try not to miss any. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Or how about this for a challenge. Competitive people-watching. Go for a walk in a crowded place and see if you notice half as much as Terry does.

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