8 quarts of cream of broccoli soup…

8 quarts of cream of broccoli soup…

8 quarts of cream of broccoli soup, 3 quarts of cream of cauliflower soup (very old school, using milk as the boiling liquid). They’re both stems from when we cut florets, tossed in bags in the freezer. So, though reasonably creamy from a hand blender, they’re now cooking down to go into the Vitamixer, then through a fine sieve and back in the stockpots to be heated up, then fat added, butter or bacon fat for the broccoli, heavy whipping cream for the cauliflower. Then when it cools down it goes in the freezer in Rubbermaid containers that tomorrow we live-blogged vacuum
packed bags.

Three hams, almost 19 pounds, in two containers in the brine in the fridge.

Five chunks of dry brined pork belly set on racks on heavy cooks sheets in front of a fan to develop a pellicle.

Two pork butts, 18 pounds, trimmed and skinned, coated in Dijon mustard and a heavy layer of rib rub, wrapped in shrink wrap and in the fridge.

In a few hours I’ll smoke the bacon at 225F for about two hours, or the center gets to 150F. Then the pork butts go in, fat cap up, also at 225F overnight until they get to 195-205F, sometime tomorrow.

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