A reconstruction of a traditional Dutch dish

A reconstruction of a traditional Dutch dish: hutspot (hodgepodge or hotchpotch in English, hochepot in French). Boiled potatoes, onions, carrots, and meat. It is normally made with klapstuk (‘flappy bit), a piece of marbled, fatty rib meat that stews well. Don’t believe Google that smoked bacon is a typical substitute: it’s wrong. I never had it with smoked bacon in the Netherlands and I grew up there for twenty-five years. The carrots, ideally are winter carrots (‘winterpeen’), as they have deeper taste, and a harder texture, standing up better to the long boiling.

For more, see https://edwinvoska.mp/recipe/hutspot-dutch-mashed-potato-and-carrot-stew, a recipe on https://edwinvoska.mp/, my personal food blog and recipe website.

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