A whole pork belly, skin on…

A whole pork belly, skin on…

A whole pork belly, skin on, braised fir three minutes, drained the fried at 475F for three minutes, then the oil spooned over the skin for extra crackle, chilled in an ice bath, and now set in the fridge in water for 24-36 hours to tenderize the meat.

Friday it gets cut across in slices that are packed in bowls, covered with a mixture of soy sauce, rice wine, sugar, root ginger, scallions / spring onions, and star anise, then steamed for six hours.

As a personal observation: you have to be stark raving fucking insane to fry five pound chunks of braised pork belly in a wok full of 475F oil!!! OMFG that was … interesting. Even with another 24″ wok inverted on top of the first one as a cover. Very, very much not just not for the faint hearted, but deep into “don’t try this yourself at home” territory!

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