Alright, teaching fighting’s over…

Alright, teaching fighting’s over, meal planning’s over, and the few missing ingredients are in flight.

Tomorrow, we’ll start off with home-made (by Irene) bagels with cream cheese and lox and French scrambled eggs.

Then some snacking on cheese and crackers, then the smoked, bacon-wrapped, cheese-filled jalapenos, and the meal of slow low smoked pork baby back ribs, with egg salad, potato salad, and caramelized carrots with harissa and creme fraiche (I have a surplus of eggs and creme fraiche). Maybe some boterkoek for dessert?

And Monday, Memorial Day, I’m going classic frying out food, well, maybe a bit upgraded: I’m making cheesy french fry bourbon burgers. I’m starting with a sous-vide cooked, deep fried burger, topped with french fries, covered in smoked cheddar, and a sweet Bourbon sauce.

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