Amazon Echo’s amazing

Amazon Echo’s amazing. We’ve had ours for a while now and it’s seductive and effective. Voice recognition from across the room, with other sounds around. I love it having me read my Audible books while working out, it’s handy when cooking, for conversions (how many cups in 750 milliliters)and to set timers while cooking and my hands are not clean, to get a quick check on the weather, or on traffic on our commute to work, or a quick check on Wikipedia. And I love the access to our Amazon Music library and Amazon Prime channels and music. We use it tied to our Philips Hue lighting to have voice control over our lights.

When we have guests over it quickly becomes a sport of sorts to see what she comes up with now to odd ball questions.

And now with IFTTT channels and the Software Development Kit its uses are going to explode.

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