And, in the interest of transparency…

And, in the interest of transparency, here are our statistics on Game and Player Scheduling:

We have 67 attending members and 66 games.

Games canceled: 4 / 5.7%
Games running below their advertised minimum: 0.0%
Games running at their advertised minimum: 14.3% (a fair number of these are Returning Players Only)
Games running above their advertised maximum: 4 / 5.7% (only 1 player above each, and, really, Kit’s insane, and I thought it was unfair to let him be the only one holding this bag, and, in my defense, they’re really, really awesome players, and they’re facing Rommel as the new Führer, and I thought the Fourth Human-Dragon Wars, and the Dragons won two and had one draw, but that was against the Tuatha Dé Danann whom the dragons consider humans).

Average 1st choices: 93.2%
Members with 8 1st choices: 43 / 63.2%
Members with 7 1st choices: 16 / 23.5%
Members with 6 1st choices: 7 / 10.3%
Members with 5 1st choices: 1 / 1.5% (you know who you are, picked 2 of the canceled games, I couldn’t do better. I’ll buy you a drink).
Members with 4 1st choices: 1 / 1.5% (what can I say? Submitting your games days after the game selection closes and the GM Preview went out makes it harder for me to do well).

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