Bourbon Furnaces The one I had in the Distillery Bar at Mcmennamin’

Bourbon Furnaces

The one I had in the Distillery Bar at Mcmennamin’s Edgefield Sunday night was atrocious. I can tolerate the instant cider (in fact Swiss Miss Spiced Cider works quite decently with it), but it was diluted with hot water, had far too much lemon in it, and I think no bourbon. It tasted more like a lemon tea than anything else. I finished it (really just my mother’s good upbringing) but wouldn’t risk another.

So today, after a fasting day yesterday, it’s time to try this:

Heat 6 fl. oz. of apple cider with a cinnamon stick and 3 whole cloves, pour it over 1 1/2 fl. oz. of bourbon (you can filter or pick out the whole cloves) in a large glass. A tulip shaped, classic bourbon bell works great, but I’m having a double in an insulated steel mug.

As always, ingredients matter. Though I’ve tested it with hard cider, instant cider, and apple juice (they all work well, though don’t really hit their stride until the third or fourth), I prefer organic pure pressed apple cider. I like Ceylon cinnamon sticks better than Madagascar and use Panang cloves (it’s what I have now as they smell and taste fuller than others I’ve had). For bourbon I took the first bourbon bottle on the left: the 1.75L Maker’s Mark.

It’s better than what I had at the Edgefield.

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