Christmas foodvaganza planning I wanted to do something Christmass

Christmas foodvaganza planning

I wanted to do something Christmassy for Christmas dinner. Colin was forced to take the day off, and couldn’t take the extra days as his colleagues booked those ages ago and he only started there a month ago, and Irene’ll be somewhere on the Atlantic, so it’ll be the two of us, possibly some people helping.

We decided on Beef Wellington. Beef tenderloin, with mustard or horseradish, then chopped mushrooms reduced wrapped around it in phyllo dough, is just awesome.

But I couldn’t leaev well enough alone, and I had to make it more Christmassy, so I’m adding chopped roasted walnuts to the mushrooms/shallots, and reduce them with brandy, for that Christmas feeling. To make it more meaty, I’ll sear the Chateaubriand, and add soy sauce and Marmite to the duxelles. Then, to make it more decadent, I’m reducing the duxelles with cream and more brandy, and wrap it in first prosciutto, then the duxelles, bound with cream, then seared foie gras, then phyllo dough, then puff pastry.

I’m still working on getting truffles in there.

To round out the meal, we’ll have roasted marrowbone starter on toast, nice high heat oven roast with fresh parsley and coarse sea salt, a creamed spinach that involves folding blanched spinach into a white sauce with cream cheese and aged cheddar cheese, and pan sauteed fingerling potatoes. For starters, a classic crême brûlée, around a local creamery’s double cream.

We’ll start with a small dry sherry to get the juices flowing, a South African semillon with the roasted marrowbone, from the oldest semillon vines in the world, and a reserve from the vintner’s own collection. Next a big red: I’ll still have to dig, but I have a few options. And with desert, a gorgeous 20 year old German ice wine.

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