Facebook, Google+…

Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Free. (sigh) I’d like to pay to get what I want. Failing that, I am part of the product they sell to make money. I don’t use Facebook Messenger on my phones, I don’t use Facebook on my Android phone. I dislike Google+ interface and functionality. I dislike Twitter’s ability to manage where my updates flow.

I use these social networks to stay in touch with friends and family on surface stuff and to inform my widespread network of variously related folks on when I’m available where for what. I do not use them to discuss my views on religion, politics, current events, or how to deal with things. For that, you’ll have to interact with me in a manner that does not involve media I do not control who gets to receive it. I do share things about my life and my immediate family’s, including my experiences and experiments around food.

I’d like to post updates and pictures to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. It seems my best bet is to build it out of IFTTT and Yahoo! Pipes … (sigh) None of the cyberpunk and cyberspace “visionaries” foresaw this level of fragmentation and walled gardens.

I hate waste.

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