Fair warning, I’m cranky

Fair warning, I’m cranky. Read at your own risk.

Folks. Yes, some Facebook posts are getting blocked that shouldn’t be. Some posts aren’t showing up when they should. Chill the fuck out.

It’s software. It’s gotten a massive influx of new users. It’s got bugs. Relax. It’s not personal. They’re not out to get YOU. You’re just not that fucking important.

Facebook isn’t some omniscient god picking and choosing whose content to post and whose to block according to its own malicious whims. Facebook is a bunch of engineers, short staffed, maybe sick, trying to do their jobs from home while entertaining their kids and worrying about their parents. They’re just as scared as you are.

And they’re working, trying their damnedest to make sure the lies and propaganda and disinformation don’t get distributed and that accurate maybe even useful information does.
So if they make a mistake and their algorithm accidentally deletes your fucking retweet of some meme that everyone on your feed has already seen six times…

Get the fuck over yourself. Remember how much you pay for their service. (Hint: not a goddamn dime).

Calm down. Get off your phone. Go read a book. Write a book. Take a walk. Sing a song. Cook a meal. Have sex. Call a friend. Learn to knit. Get a life.

Stop acting like the world is out to get you. You’re not that fucking important.

And no, I don’t work for Facebook. I don’t even know anyone who does. I know software, and I know people.

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