Food. Thursday fasting…

Food. Thursday fasting, yesterday only food at noon onwards, mostly crispbakes and milk, and some hutspot with brats in the evening, today fasting, so tomorrow, I’m planning a feast.

First I’ll hook up a new barrel of Magners Pear Cider. That, a coffee made in the AeroPress from cold washed coffee beans, and prepared with coconut oil and unsalted butter, and the local dairies’ organic whole milk, guaranteed 24-48 hours from cow to our front door, will cover me for liquids.

For breakfast I’m planning freshly baked croissants. To cover my need for animal protein, I’ll make some of them as pain au fromage et jambon, with aged Gruyêre and Black Forest ham. Supplemented with a side of sous-vide poached eggs.

For lunch, more croissants, with a newly made from scratch egg salad.

For dinner, we’ll be testing the frites, and since Irene mentioned it’d been a while we’ll be having sous vide cooked, deep fried bacon burgers. Top sirloin, brisket, and the homemade smoked bacon ground for the patties, served with a weave of deep fried smoked bacon, with homemade baconaise – homemade mayonnaise with half the oil in it replaced by bacon grease, with crumbled bacon bits in it. I’ll make several smallish ones (well, small by my standards) and serve them on fresh French dinner rolls.

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