For tonight, sous-vide cooked rare burgers…

For tonight, sous-vide cooked rare burgers, deep fried, with some melted, very heavily smoked Tillamook 3 Year Vintage Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheese on top, possibly with some sauce (I got several to pick from, left over from other preparations: a dill crême fraîche, a mustard cream mushroom, a South American green goo, one or two I don’t exactly recall, but it should be good).

Some leftover dill red fingerling potato salad, warmed up (I like my potato salad warm, not chilled until the taste is gone).

And one of my childhood’s favorite veggies: Belgian endive, in this case stuffed with Swiss cheese (Emmenthaler), wrapped in Black Forest ham, and covered with a classic white sauce (roux, heated milk) with mustard and cheese. Baked covered until melted through, then some more shredded cheese added and back for ten minutes to get a nice cheesy crust.

And the sur lies aged Chardonnay from the Naked Wines wine club/angels rocks! Unfortunately it’s gone, this cook runs exclusively on alcohol – I’m a follower of Julia Child, and cooking sober just won’t do – so we’ll need to dig up something else with dinner.

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