Home. Back in Seattle…

Home. Back in Seattle…

Home. Back in Seattle, after nearly two months away, sailing across the Atlantic. Weekend at home with Colin and the dogs.

And today, Back to work, back to commuting, meetings, VTC’s,the office. It’s a bit disorienting. Seattle hasn’t changed. But I have, a bit. I think I got accustomed to the quiet, the isolation of the boat. Knowing that there were only two people around. And the space- the sea and the sky, meeting at the horizon all around. Seattle feels a little bit claustrophobic- can’t see the horizon anywhere, between the trees and the rain.

And a lot crowded. There are more people in my office building than in the entire nation of St Helena or the island of Fernando de Noronha.

And noisy. Traffic, construction, people. No animals, not even birds except pigeons. No plants but the sad trees struggling to survive downtown pollution.

And it smells funny- sort of chemically kind of smell, like new plastic. I never noticed before. Nobody else notices it. Every place we stopped had its own smell, I think can only notice it if you come in from the sea.

It’s cold, and rainy. It’s January.

It’s good to be home. I missed my son terribly. I missed my dogs. I missed my comfortable home. (I missed taking long, hot, showers).

But I miss my boat. I miss the sea.

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