How to embarrass yourself at a hotel

How to embarrass yourself at a hotel:
Step 1 – Fly on a very long flight into another country.
Step 2 – Arrive late at night at the hotel, check in, go to your room.
Step 3 – Walk in without turning on the light, drop everything, drop your clothes, go to sleep.
Step 4 – Wake up in the middle of the night, in the dark walk to the bath room without turning on the light.
Step 5 – Walk out of the bathroom and get surprised by a large, ugly, mean, vicious, foul tempered, naked man off to your side, ready to jump you.
Step 6 – Get a jump on the guy, just as he moves, hit him in the face with an elbow.
Step 7 – Realize you just shattered the full length mirror on the back of the door into the room.

Second time within a year or so. Explaining a broken mirror to the hotel is one thing. Explaining the strange hole in the door an entirely different thing.

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