Humpht. Preparing to change out WiFi access points

Humpht. Preparing to change out WiFi access points. Doing baseline (ping, download, upload) on current WiFi in various places, same wired into the different switches, and a WiFi Site Survey across all floors.

Results: my WiFi is faster than my Wired Ethernet! 8 ms vs. 28 ms pings, 60 Mbps vs. 10 Mbps down, 25 Mbps vs. 8 Mbps up! And the damn switches are Cisco business line switches, each direct run into the border router with Cat7 cabling. Time to talk to the switches. And I hate programming switches. It’s a leftover from running a 600+ node international wide are network with 3 people, and most of it was Bay Networks, just about the time they became Nortel and those puppies were best dealt with SNMPv2. Of course, dealing with Cisco’s switches’ idea of virtual IP and interoperability wasn’t helping either.

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