I love cooking egg dishes

I love cooking egg dishes

I love cooking egg dishes. I started cooking eggs when I was 11, so I’ve had a lot of practice and I know tons of them. I love the finickiness of eggs – egg yolk, protein-based egg white and egg white all go through transitions at different temperatures, so certain combinations of the three require as bad as being in a three degree band (e.g. set but translucent egg white and warmed through liquid egg yolk) – and the precision if heat control required.

Some dishes I call party tricks: they’re hard, impressive, but require a specific technique you need to know, like French omelettes, or French sunny side up fried eggs.

This is French scrambled eggs in progress, when they finally uniformly start to set. Cold eggs, cold chunks of butter, low-medium heat, stirring, scraping continuously, moving the pan on and off the fire to control the heat.

I love them dearly.

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