I wanted to smoke salmon this weekend…

I wanted to smoke salmon this weekend, so I bought salmon. I ended up with 3 pounds of wild caught fresh salmon, but not in one piece. There’s also just Irene, Colin, and me …

So I cut the thicker part in nice 4, 5 ounce steaks, and set all of it to dry brine overnight. Just koshering salt (a lot), fresh ground black pepper (some), and what sprigs of relevant fresh herbs I had around (about an ounce of fresh thyme sprigs).

So, today’s brunch will be a hash of salmon, Yukon Gold, onions, peppers, and local eggs over Irene’s freshly made oatmeal bread.

Then dinner will be salmon four ways: sashimi, sous vide (110F, so it’s soft and buttery, skin off, with just a bit of herb butter), seared (in cast iron of course, skin on, skin down, and a quick pan sauce with the fond), and, smoked on cherry wood (hour and a half at most, at a very low temperature: 180 F). Served with Brussel sprouts, tossed in bacon grease, served with bacon and chopped white onion, quick sautée, then smoked on cherry wood to marry it with the salmon. And fresh made pasta: I have some fresh baby spinach leaves, so I’m thinking a light spinach pasta. For the pasta I’m using a mix of unbleached all-purpose, durum, and semolina, several eggs, and a finely puréed paste of blanced spinach leaves.

Since I’ll be spending a bit of time in the kitchen, I’ll do some cleanup: turn some of the russet potatoes in mashed potatoes and freeze them, turn the yams in sous vide cooked glazed yams, and freeze them like that, ready to fry up and finish, turn the Golden Delicious we didn’t use to make apple beignets for New Year’s Eve into appel sauce, and use up a small mountain of Anaheim, poblano, jalapeño, and shishito and cannelini beans into a pulled pork white chili for the freezer.

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