I’m thinking about tomorrow’s dinner

I’m thinking about tomorrow’s dinner: Coq au vin, Alsace or Elsass, style. A bit different from the classic red wine version: this one is less winter dish hearty and I think better suited for the weather we’re heaving. I’m planning to make it all in a single pot: my cast iron Dutch oven’s going to get a workout!

Pieces of a whole chicken, browned in rendered bacon fat, then a mirepoix of shallots/carrots/celery/garlic thickened with flour, then the chicken pieces added and cooked with some herbs in Riesling, water, and home made chicken stock. When done, the meat removed, cook some white mushrooms in some fat, while I remove the ski, debone the chicken, and strain the cooking liquid. Returned to the pan, thickened with crême fraîche, then the meat put back and warmed through.

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