It’s a productive weekend

It’s a productive weekend: wired network fixed, new 802.11ac WiFi access point added and tested to see if they’re the one I want to add one per floor, dogs’ teeth brushed, dogs’ nails dremeled, deep fat fryer oil removed and taken apart (quite easy it being a professional unit) for cleaning.

Two pork shoulders been smoking at 225F over apple wood since 10. By late tonight, early morning they should be ready to become ten pounds of shredded pork. Next coarse grinding 5 pounds of pork and 11 pounds of two kinds of beef. All vacuum packed in pound bags and frozen.

Then turn 18 pounds of three kinds of beef in 48 spiced and water-displacement packed bags of burgers ready for sous-vide, and pack the three trimmed-off 3 sirloins for sous-vide as well.

Productive weekend so far.

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