Last Friday I taught managing violent situations with my brother

Last Friday I taught managing violent situations with my brothers Clint Overland and Terry Trahan for 2 1/2 hours in the mountains of Colorado, in Castle Rock. Hot (95F), dry (11%), no oxygen (even with three days of acclimatization).

On Saturday I taught cross-stepping both ways against incoming attacks with Ed Fanning, applications off of his famous “Kata From Hell” that match my movements very well.

It was a blast. I was careful and took it easy, showed something, or corrected someone, then stood around for a bit catching up on air.

On Sunday I was fucked up, every muscle from my lower back through shoulders, upper arm, chest, to my eyebrows a single locked slab of pain. I drove and flew back Monday, had the most painful deep tissue massage ever, went to work on Tuesday. I’d either was totally run down or had picked up some bug, so I worked from home a day on Wednesday. Still, ‘s all well that end’s well.

Today walked Strut his full 35-40 minute route for the first time since I fell and broke my ribs, bruised my liver, and ripped up the soft tissue on my side. I think it’s time to resume my normal workouts.

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