More food prep (and a rant on fancy bratwurst)

More food prep (and a rant on fancy bratwurst)

More food prep (and a rant on fancy bratwurst). Tomorrow I make what I learned in the Alsace as Leeks and three meats (typically beef sausage, chicken thighs, and bacon). The potato went without saying.

I’ve gone with ground pork and pork beef, I always include bacon.

I love bratwurst but the fancy ones are way too finely ground and too tightly packed. To me brats are anywhere from coarse ground beef, to beef and park, to pork. But loose, and fresh, not dried, not cured.

So I don’t have brats. But I found six, seven pounds of pork belly, so I am sous vide cooking the pork belly in three chunks. Koshering salt, fresh ground black pepper, a dusting of cayenne pepper. Hard vacuum packed it gets cooked at 165F for 24 hours, cut it in bite size chunks, fry them off and quickly deep frying them.

Then the chicken thighs get cut in bite size chunk, dusted with sliced corn flour and deep fried, then the smoked bacon. Bratwurst if I can get (I like Johnsonville’s beef and garlic ones, but fortunately our butcher Bob’s Quality Meats makes great brats as well).

Caramelized onions, sautéed leeks, boiled Yukon Golds, coarse Ly mashed with butter and sour cream, all mixed together with the three meats and all the fat rendered out of the 6, 7 pounds of pork belly.

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