Musings on meat. You should know we’re odd traditionalists

Musings on meat.

You should know we’re odd traditionalists: we don’t have turkey etcetera for Thanksgiving, but rather serve a German farmer’s fall harvest meal. I also get fascinated by certain dishes, ingredients, or preparations and am happy to experiment away and build a meal around it.

For Christmas I am considering amusing myself with the new smoker and some serious chunks of meat. Slow smoked meat to enjoy with a few friends …

I am currently considering prime rib and dry aged porterhouse steak.

The porterhouse slow smoked standing up (the tenderloin on top, away from the heat), then finished with some nice charring over the grill.

Or a prime rib, coated with a solid rub (sea salt, black, white, cayenne pepper, garlic, onion, paprika, coriander, cumin, turbinado sugar) overnight, slow smoked, and finished off with a classic red wine sauce.

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