My kitchen knives are ~32 years old

My kitchen knives are ~32 years old

My kitchen knives are ~32 years old. They’re nice, a full set of Goldhamster that I bought as they came out – I knew one of the designers, used to go and have tea with his wife – and they held up nicely.

The 6″ chef’s knife and the 4″ paring knife both have been dropped on their tips in the stainless steel sink. The chef’s knife looked like a bottlenose shark, the paring knife merely had a blunted tip. A second drop of the chef’s knife bent its blunted tip sideways and curved it around almost 90 degrees.

Below are the results of a few passes on the Tormek T7 (a continuous water cooled, 10″ precision sharpening system running at 75rpm) on a 200 grit stone, finished off on the leather polishing wheel. The bent tip and blunted nose on the chef’s knife came off with a single pass on one side! Very highly recommended!

For David Marks because he wanted me to let him know: yes, it’s even better!

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