Next up in the bits of exotic cooking experiments

Next up in the bits of exotic cooking experiments. Though, if you like steak, this might be more an erotic cooking experiment …

I’m going to take a whole beef ribeye roast, lip on, about 12 pounds, trim out the eye to get essentially a nicely marbled filet. I’ll cut that into five thick steaks. I’ll trim out all of the fat from the whole roast and render that sous vide with microplaned garlic, sea salt, fresh ground black pepper, some fresh rosemary, thyme, and parsley, and let that cook for 8 hours.

Then I’m going to richly baste the steaks with it and cook them sous vide to 130F (a medium rare, to get the taste of the marbling), while I put the rendered fat in the fridge to become “steak butter.”

Once done, I’m chilling the steaks for a minute in ice water, to cut down on the heat transfer, dry them off, then put a nice crust on it in macadamia oil in a cast iron skillet, finish it off with the steak butter and meat juices from the sous vide bags, and, if necessary, with a bit more of the steak butter.

Served with a slice of the chilled steak butter.

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