Now I’ve had my wife’s lovely crepes…

Now I’ve had my wife’s lovely crepes, served with sous-vide cooked scrambled eggs, I can think about dinner.

Low and slow smoked pork baby back ribs (they’ve been coated in rub, wrapped in plastic in the fridge since mid last evening): 5 hours at 225 over pecan wood, first two hours straight up, then another two hours wrapped in foil to get them tender beyond belief, an another hour unwrapped to dry the bark and to give it some nice color and smoke.

Served with deep fried Brussel sprouts, with a maple/balsamic/sherry vinaigrette, some bacon bits, and toasted pecans to tie them to the ribs.

For carbs I’ll add some jalapeno cheddar corn meal mufin (the cast iron muffin pan is awesome for this, brushed with melted butter, they come out nicely browned, and release easily).

And since I need to play with jalapenos and cheese anyway, maybe some (home made) bacon wrapped cheese filled smoked jalapenos (they smoke two hours at the same temperature as the ribs, so I can make them anywhere along smoking the ribs), as a snack to tie people over.

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