Prep Step 4. Pie crust dough

Prep Step 4. Pie crust dough

Prep Step 4. Pie crust dough. This time evolution 4, similarity to what I use for biscuits but less butter (in the biscuits it’s used to retard gluten forming too much and becoming tough), less sugar, and cold water. So flaky, buttery, but more texture.

I use a trick I picked up from Stella “Bravetart” Parks (an awesome baker) of mixing the dry ingredients, putting cold butter in cubes in it (though I make mine smaller than she does: she uses 1/2″ minimum, I more 1/4th to 1/5th of an inch), smush them flat in the dry ingredients, add liquids and bring together. Check the dough is 68-70F and roll it out (wrap the rolling pin in shrink wrap for easier cleaning), fold it in, fold it again, fold it over.

It keeps fir days in the fridge and months in the freezer.

Next: work, workout, then pumpkin pies!

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