(sigh) I made, and got criticized for…

(sigh) I made, and got criticized for, two comments on someone calling someone they did not agree with names. Whereas those that know me are aware at times I can swear well enough to break brick walls at ten paces, I think it does not help in trying to communicate with people you start out disagreeing with. The criticism doesn’t bother me: I have armorplate skin and there’s less than a dozen people who’s opinion of me I care about (and three of those are our dogs).

This was just a long intro for me to confess my sins. I deleted the comments, apologized for giving offense, and told people that disagreed with me they were right.

I shan’t transgress again.

From now, my Facebook wall and pages shall be exclusive food we cook and/or eat, our dogs, our travel (hah!), and our sailboat and our sailing.

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