So the other night as I was decorating my tree comes a knock on the door

So the other night as I was decorating my tree comes a knock on the door. I answered it to greet a Seattle Police officer, with my across-the-street neighbor. After the usual momentary internal flash of “What did I or anyone in my house do that the neighbor would call the police on us (and I can’t think of much that’s more innocent than decorating a Christmas tree), it turns out that the neighbor had just been burglarized and they wanted to see if our security cameras had by chance picked up the burglars.

So naturally we bring the officer and the rather-traumatized neighbor in and review our security camera logs. (Turns out the camera did pick up a car driving by that was almost certain casing the place, and some folks walking who might have been the burglars. Sent those logs to the police for their use.)

The neighbor had security sensors and alarms. But the burglars had come and gone before the police could respond. Smash and grab – they jimmied open a window and ran through the place, grabbing portable, high-value items. They were in the house only for a few minutes. He actually got home while they were there, it appears, and they cut their ransacking short and bolted out the back.

Property crime, won’t be a super high priority for SPD to investigate. Unlikely my neighbor will ever see his stuff again.

Rather sobering though, to reflect that he might have been fortunate he wasn’t home, because he could have been hurt, if he had caught or cornered the burglars.

Merry Christmas, y’all. Keep your eyes open, and your doors locked.

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