They say that dogs take after their owners ..

They say that dogs take after their owners …

We have two Dobermans, a 2 1/2 year old red male, Strut, that is large (100 pounds at a very lean muscled build), and an 11 month old red female, Spring. We call her the little one, because she’s only 60 pounds, maybe a bit more. They fight (doggy playfighting) a lot. It’s fairly even up, and the blood and scars are about even, unless the big guy gets focused on something, like killing the cleaning ladies on the other side of the door or eradicating all the squirrels in the Pacific North West.

Now back to the taking after their owners.

This morning Spring came down from our bedroom, carrying one of my Desperados (a fighting knife with a checkered Kraton egg shaped angled grip and a 5 inch double curved serrated blade). When I caught her she had the handle in her mouth and the sheath between her paws (the sheath has a retention device) …

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