Watching a movie while having dinner on the plane before sleeping th

Watching a movie while having dinner on the plane before sleeping the rest of the way to Schiphol. Great movie. I love movies about innovators, creators, chefs, musicians …

Jeremiah Towers: The Last Magnificent

“If anything is worth doing, it is worth doing in style, and on your own terms, and nobody goddamned else’s.” – Lucius Beebe. “I want to be like him, the last magnificent.”

And his peers:

“Il look for the crown, but I’ll always knew the guillotine was in sight.” Jeremiah Tower. “How many of us search for the crown? Not many. Jeremiah does, but he knows that guillotine is waiting.”

“It takes a certain kind of person to keep coming back. It takes a romantic, honestly.”

“And I think that’s what Jeremiah spent so much of his life doing is blocking out vulgarity.”

“He was a natural, a generous, joyous creature. There were tough days, and lawsuits, and someone sending food back, but that doesn’t break down the heart of a real chef. A real chef knows their work is good.”

“We hadn’t seen his kind before. Certainly not from someone who cut as wide a swath.”

“We need Jeremiah Towers in this world. If for nothing else than to teach. Not just about cooking everything, but about style. It’s a beautiful style, something that elevates him, brings us out of the muck, that brings us out of the mediocrity, and out of the vulgarity in which we are forced to live.”

“Is Jeremiah a lonely man? Oh God, yes. Course he’s lonely: all innovators are lonely, all creators are lonely, all artists are lonely. You don’t lead a life like Jeremiah, you don’t take the chances for the guillotine that he does, without being lonely man. And he made his mark. That takes lonelineness. And I think that’s the way Jeremiah’s always lived.”

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