Well, courtesy of Whole Foods not delivering yesterday because we go

Well, courtesy of Whole Foods not delivering yesterday because we got over a foot of snow (and a bit more this morning) and the road to our house includes a block of 40-45 degrees down cobblestones, I’ll have to improvise.

I was going to to the cutest breakfast egg dish, but no caviar, sour cream, white onion means we’re improvising. At least Irene grew fresh chives, so maybe a cheese and chives French omelet? With Irene making her awesome Dutch babies fir carbs?

Dinner was going to be a starter of smoked prawns with three dipping sauces, an entree of smoked wild salmon, potatoes Rochefort off of smoked russets, and smoked asparagus with shaved Parmesan, garlic oil, and balsamic vinegar. And for desserts cream hearts of drained crême fraiche and fromage blanc with a bit of Bavarian black Kirsch, served with fresh raspberries and a raspberry kirsch reduction.

All served with a nice aged rosé champagne.


Plan B (y’always want to have a Plan B, or at I least I want to, and do).

For starter, freezer willing, sautéed garlic shrimp, fir dinner steak Diane (mushroom stock reduction standing in for the button mushrooms in the sauce), whipped up cooked Russets from the freezer with soured cream, shallots, and Gouda piped in florets, butter brushed and baked, and steakhouse spinach (blanched spinach folded into a Mournay sauce, though to bump up the volume a bit ill use a soubise base made with heavy cream and cheese melted into it).

The freezer yielded an unopened double roll of phyllo dough so for dessert we’ll have scratch made baklava.

Improvisational Valentine’s Day cooking because of the weather!

Oh and don’t worry about thwart we serve it with: we have several bottles left of the Veuve Clicquot Reserve Rosé 2008. And I have a half bottle of 2003 German Eiswein for the desert.

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