What’s in your fridge?

What’s in your fridge?

What’s in your fridge? Hah.

Well, today was a fridge cleanup dinner.

We had a classic mushroom soup (shallots, garlic, mushrooms, lemon juice, thyme, cream, dry sherry, Worcestershire sauce), served with fresh parsley, a dab of sour cream and a splash of sherry, with on the side Kerrygold buttered whole wheat toast.

Then sous vide cooked pork chops (salt, white pepper, smoked paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, allspice, cumin), seared in cast iron olive oil/butter, finished with butter, and cauliflower, tossed with olive oil and coarse salt and black pepper, then roasted in the oven.

For dessert a bit of a showpiece: coeur de crême. Cream hearts. Whisked together crême fraîche and fromage blanc, with a bit of Cointreau and a bit more Black Forest kirsch, put in cheese cloth lined holed heart shapes molds and drained so they firm up. Served on a gelatine thickened reduction of raspberries, bit of sugar in water, and kirsch, with fresh raspberries.

Cleaned out the mushrooms, shallots, cream, parsley, pork chops, cauliflower, raspberries, crême fraîche, fromage blanc.

Not that hard I think, nothing super fancy, but tasty and very pretty! Besides how many times do you get to use three different kinds of cream in making dinner?

And Irene loves the cream hearts and it had been too long since I made them …

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